12 December 2016 Beentouch

Why the status indicator is a thing of the past

Status innovation

Innovation means getting rid of the things of the past

Let’s get back with memories to 20 years ago. Or maybe you’re younger (like us). Follow us in this journey: 20 years ago, a revolution started. ICQ, the very first instant messaging platform was born.  It allowed users to send and receive messages with more ease than ever.

Synchronous vs Asynchronous… what?

Asynchronous communications (like the old-fashioned emails) do not require the other to answer instantly after they receive the piece of communication. People read minutes or hours after, and answer when they have time.

Very out of style, right? Fortunately, synchronous communication happened to be a thing of this world. For the first systems to use this technology, it was useful for people to know who was available at a given moment to chat with. So they had a status indicator to show if one was connected or busy, offline or “invisible”.

Time to go towards real communication

No to indicators. Yes to emotions. No, seriously. We at Beentouch think that this kind of feature was useful in the past. It had a meaning when IM was a breakthrough innovation with the past, slow communication systems.

In our specific case, Beentouch is the way to call and videocall people, right? So, why could you need an indicator that tells you if the other person is ready to take your call or not? People is not used to this flow when they use traditional telephony. We want the app to be intuitive and easy like it is to call a contact. When a company things about innovation, it’s important to not just remove a piece of hardware or a feature from an app. It should introduce something better. Like Apple did with the iPhone 7. They got rid oh the headphone jack, but designed a sleek and functional pair of bluetooth airpods to push the industry forward.

Status indicator in Beentouch

In Beentouch, if you start a call and the person is not available, it simply closes it. It normally rings, and if the person your are calling cannot answer, he/she hangs out and you notice it. Just like calls should work.

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