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Mobile first and mobile only planet

Emerging markets

The world changes fast

In the last decades, the world faced a lots of changes. Some of them happened really fast. Even faster if we refer to certain areas of the world that before the advent of internet and digital technologies were quite undeveloped in certain ways.

Africa, Middle Est, South America, South Asia and India

These areas of the southern emisphere had a mind-blowing development, especially in the last 10 years or so.

What internet made for the countries located there is just amazing. Once left alone (for well-known historical reasons), now their starting to have a voice and speak out loud internationally in terms of development. Just know that 16 out of 25 most growing economies is in Africa.

Planet Earth: three planets in one

Mobile first and mobile only

This map comes from the Snapp Knowledge Center.

Snapp is an app that literally enables people to build apps. Their knowledge of the so called emerging markets is large. The map underlines how the “developed” world has known the internet since its born, when connections were mostly wired, via fixed telephone lines and with old, pachidermic boxy PCs. Today we also rely on desktops and laptops, altough mobile is becoming more and more important.

Some other areas, like South America, had and has computers too, but in a less widespread way. There, people uses a smartphone for the major part of their tasks: for choice or for necessity. A mobile device is with certainty less expensive and more easygoing than a computer, for their context especially.

There’s a third planet. Let’s call it the Mobile Only Planet. It contaneis numerous countries from Africa, South Asia and India. Here, what mobile has done is somewhat incredible. It gave people the possibility to have access to internet and information for the very first time, and now is fullfilling the development of education, businesses and charity.

Let’s connect all in one

There’s still something missing. These population have access to the internet, and altough they can perform basic tasks and have accesso to information, distance communicasion isn’t common still. There’s a total of 1.3 billion people waiting for a reliable and accessible solution to communicate.

First, the software used on the northern hemisphere don’t work there, due to incompatibility with less-developed infrastructure that can carry less data. Second, a good internet connection is far from being cheap, and common people can’t afford it.

With Beentouch we want to eliminate these difference. We want good distance communication to be accessible for all. Because distance communication generates wellness, love and progress.

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