Why the status indicator is a thing of the past

Status innovation

Innovation means getting rid of the things of the past

Let’s get back with memories to 20 years ago. Or maybe you’re younger (like us). Follow us in this journey: 20 years ago, a revolution started. ICQ, the very first instant messaging platform was born.  It allowed users to send and receive messages with more ease than ever.

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Access to communication is a fundamental of Human Rights

Human Rights Day

Today is the Human Rights Day

It was December 10, 1948, when the UN General Assembly approved and declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . In 1950, during the 317th global ONU meeting, the day was established and now, every year, the Human Rights Day spreads the message of equality of the Declarations. It was also formalized by the Resolution 423 (V) that invited all the nations and interested organizations to celebrate this anniversary.

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