Beentouch is the app for your high-quality 2G calls

Beentouch is for emerging markets

Beentouch is for emerging markets (2G calls)

Hands up who has never happened to make a trip out of town, in a remote village of the province, or even visit a city in foreign countries and find themselves unable to communicate with anyone distant from us, and not being able to communicate with team without troubles?

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Why the status indicator is a thing of the past

Status innovation

Innovation means getting rid of the things of the past

Let’s get back with memories to 20 years ago. Or maybe you’re younger (like us). Follow us in this journey: 20 years ago, a revolution started. ICQ, the very first instant messaging platform was born.  It allowed users to send and receive messages with more ease than ever.

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Beentouch global release extended event

Extended global release

The release event of Beentouch is international

Tomorrow, November 22nd @ 6pm CET we are going to release the whole new version of the Beentouch app. The event, that will go live on Facebook, will happen in three countries all over the world.

Event in Italy, Ghana and Indonesia. Release worldwide.

We’re finally ready. After a development cycle in Italy, during which we gathered precious feedback, Beentouch is now going to be available all over the world!

Are you joining us at the event?

You are invited! It is an important moment for us and for distance communication in the world. Emerging markets still have problems when communicating on distance, due to the old software we know, that aren’t able to provide a good service in that connectivity conditions.

Beentouch is going to give voice to the silent. Don’t miss this moment.


The Italian event is hosted at the TIM #WCAP Accelerator, the startup accelerator that made us grow through the most important phases until this moment. There we will show all the latest news that we have for the world. All the most passionate people of our community will be sitting in the audience.  The event will be also transmitted via live streaming.


Senyo is one of the very first people out of Italy that contributed to the development of Beentouch with precious help. His support and the one of his friends has been very important for our analytical and operational operations for the context of Ghana, one of the main countries in Africa for us. JayJay is a very smart guy from AIESEC Legon, a committee of our international partner AIESEC.

Ambassadors Ghana

Together they’re bringing our event in a very important hub:

University of Ghana, Alex Kwapong Hall.

University of Ghana


Werry and Brian simply set a record: the furthest Beentouch call even before the launch. Catania (Italy) is 11.000 km far from Jakarta!

Ambassadors Indonesia

The word went out, and they are our Ambassadors for the extended release event in Indonesia.

All over the world

We will be so happy to talk with you during the event with our Facebook live. Since then, search the app on the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone, and start to communicate like never before!

Info here:

Why internet is so crucial for the development of a country?

Connected world

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Let’s get back to the 60’s with our imagination. We are at the height of the Cold War, and the fear that the conflict could escale is strong. The governments of the world have their eyes pointed at each other, the fear of the worst is concrete. Leggi di più

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