27 December 2016 Beentouch

Be amazed to see the world differently!


What is the meaning of amazement?

By the origin of the meaning, it happens when we react to something unexpected that caught our attention.

Wonder, surprise, disbelief, confusion. All this is amazement: a big and intense kind of (positive!) shock resulting from wonder and surprise in front of something unexpected. How many times we wonder when the phone rings from a person that we do not hear since a long time, or we don’t know?

You can wonder for everything new, interesting and that triggers a spark in your mind.

Amazement is a mix of the sensation to not understanding and the will to discover more. It is a mix of sensations that makes us see reality without filters, even for just a moment.

Amazement is part of the human nature

We wonder when someone call us by our own name for the very first time and we keep this sensation for all our lifetime.

Sometimes we forget how to wonder naturally…

As time goes by, we tend to suppress our capability to wonder as human beings.

As we grow it can happen that our curiosity and will to learn seem to reduce than when we were kids. As we live more and more experience, we think to have seen it all, while there’s a whole new box of things to live!

Albert Einstein said that “If you cannot experience wonder nor amazement you are like dead, your eyes are closed”.

Amazement is the key to live a life full of curiosity and willing to explore and discover new things. New people, new emotions, new things to to. So! Do not put the brakes on it, and enjoy every little unique moment that each day can make you experience. So that you will live life to the fullest!

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