14 December 2016 Beentouch

Beentouch is the app for your high-quality 2G calls

Beentouch is for emerging markets

Beentouch is for emerging markets (2G calls)

Hands up who has never happened to make a trip out of town, in a remote village of the province, or even visit a city in foreign countries and find themselves unable to communicate with anyone distant from us, and not being able to communicate with team without troubles?

You can download it right now and start making high-quality 2G calls, or continue reading this post.

For those used in everyday life to enjoy all the comforts to communicate seamlessly with cutting-edge network infrastructure such as fiber optic or 4G mobile network, such a situation can be unthinkable and could create discomfort. Yet it is so. There are areas in the world where the data traffic is distributed technologies below the 3G or even where 3G is not strong enough to withstand the continuous data exchange which may occur during a simple phone call. We’re talking about emerging countries such as the majority in South Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Middle East where even the 2G still accounts for more than 70 percent of global subscriptions, among other countries with a number of consumers almost five times higher than in mature markets. To date, mobile phone subscribers in developing countries exceed those of fixed-line five to one, and the use of the mobile phone exceeds the use of the fixed line. It is indeed a very accessible solution, given that a 2G device can costs less than 30$.

They call it time-to-market

One of the cheaper options than using a traditional supplier is the VoIP technology. No, not the old, first kind of VoIP you may think of. Yet a more agile one, one of the softphone category like Beentouch. One of the advantages of this technology is just what it allows to leverage with existing network infrastructures, allowing a considerable reduction in costs (otherwise we should wait for them to be renewed… and the process may take years!). Beentouch is designed to modulate itself according to the conditions to always give the best quality output. Voice calls in 2G and videocalls in 3G. Even with low connectivity.

The digital divide between emerging countries and the rest of the world is still considerable, but the prospects for the future are encouraging, the 2015 data tell us that Africa has seen a considerable expansion of the sector of telecommunications over the past five years: an increase of 72% on subscriptions to the mobile network, since it is expected to double in the next five years.

Do you live on a mobile economy or do you do business with them? Give Beentouch a try! It can level up your communications, seriously. Click here to get the Android app.

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