10 December 2016 Beentouch

Access to communication is a fundamental of Human Rights

Human Rights Day

Today is the Human Rights Day

It was December 10, 1948, when the UN General Assembly approved and declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . In 1950, during the 317th global ONU meeting, the day was established and now, every year, the Human Rights Day spreads the message of equality of the Declarations. It was also formalized by the Resolution 423 (V) that invited all the nations and interested organizations to celebrate this anniversary.

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. ”  from the first Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which enshrines civil, political, economic, social and cultural ones.

While many things have changed, it is there for all to see there is still a long way to do. We as humans frequently deny the simplest form of freedom and we discriminate against just for the color of their hair. Among the others, the Declarations puts the focus on the right to life, despite too many lives are shattered owing to conflictual situations: not only wars, but also involving groups of people that should, instead, live in the pursue of love and brotherhood.

But, this day has and must have a positive attitude. Celebrating those rights who sometimes we forget about and take for granted, means to take significant actions. Starting by our own relationships to our goals in life. We want to give you a positive spin, because there are lots of initiatives aimed to make the fundamental rights happen and they not stay only on paper.

Although it is not explicitly included in the Declaration, there is one right that we at Beentouch consider as fundamentalthe right to communicate. Each of us was born with the need to communicate, express ourselves and connect to each other. It is in our nature of human beings. The world “communication” comes from the Latin commūnĭco, meaning “put things in common”: to share thoughts, opinions, feelings and emotions to others. Communication has not an end in itself. It involves all the spectrum of society as we intend it. Politics, infrastructure, economy, culture and the vision of the world that each individual and each community has.

Despite the giant progress that technology made to make us able to communicate across the globe, there are still places in the world where the right to communicate is denied to million of people, in some forms. There are 7.5 billion people living on Earth, but only 2.8 billion has regular access to the online world. While the infrastructure could potentially give access to at least the 85% of people with ease, the majority of people living in emerging countries is approaching connectivity for the very first time ever. This is because of extremely high costs and historical reasons. The emerging markets live on the mobile-only economy The most of the people totally missed the PC-era and connects through mobile phones relying on low speed internet connections. It is estimated that only 6% of people can access to high-speed internet, way far from developed countries. It generates a heavy gap: in those areas, it may take minutes to load a web page, imagine how it can be to have a call with a far person (more insights here).

The wind has finally started to shift. Mobile devices are becoming more accessible and it is changing the way people can join the online revolution. It is now becoming more and more easy to read news online, watch a video or search for information. However, internet connections are still too slow and under-developed in most cases. For distance communication, there are software that are too complex and hungry for data, that are simply unusable in the south of the world. This is why we developed Beentouch to be reliable and with top performance and little impact on data consumption.

Technology is here to be implemented. Fundamental Human Rights are here to be realized as the way to live on this planet as humans. We’re believers. For this reason we designed a software that could enable millions of people to communicate and express themselves for the better, even in those areas of the world where it’s been difficult. Now Beentouch is available worldwide, and we’re putting our backs to make this a valuable contribution to spread the right to communicate even more.

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