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Why internet is so crucial for the development of a country?

Connected world

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Let’s get back to the 60’s with our imagination. We are at the height of the Cold War, and the fear that the conflict could escale is strong. The governments of the world have their eyes pointed at each other, the fear of the worst is concrete. Each side secrectly prepares to face a ferocious enemy attack. In particular, the biggest fear of the United States of America is the isolation that could follow after a nuclear explosion. They are aware of the importance of communication between the different bases spread in the nation, and they want to avoid the enemies’ nuclear bombs to cut the communications of their spots.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) joint with the Department of Defense of the United States of America decided to run for cover with an ambitious project aimed to ensure communication between all the american military bases. The ARPANET project was born (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARPANET). This is, if we want to define it, the exact moment when the concept of the internet as we know it today was born.

Since then, diverse industries were involved, in the search of all the potential applications of the new system. From a strategic military mechanism to an intensive scientific research, the step to mass adoption was short.


Let’s go forward to nowadays. Internet is a common good, defined as fundamental my the most, that has a large perspective of growth. Today, there isn’t an inudustry that internet hasn’t changed for the better, from the most traditional ones to the most technologically advanced ones. At this point we wonder; can we do without internet today? The answer is yes and it is a quite obvious answer. Internet was born around 50 years ago, while human beings are on the Earth since more than two million years ago. We did it one way or another. Well, why internet is so important for each individual and, especially, for collectivity?

While living without internet is absolutely possible for us, we can find at least 3 important reasons why it has become almost essential.

1) Immediate access to any information

There are almost 5 billion web pages (http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/), each of them containing the most various information. Not to mention the huge contribution of social media. Take note: everyday we have 500 million tweets, 10 billion views on YouTube and 50 million more photos on Instagram. Remarkable, isn’t it? All this gigantic amount of information is available to everyone instantly.

Few years ago it was launched a project that made very good use of free access to information. It was the time of the spread of the Ebola virus, the terrific threat that killed millions of people in Africa. Ebola Care App (http://www.appsagainstebola.org/) made (and it still does) available all the useful information about preventing and facing the virus.

There are many other projects like this, that put information and technology together to save lives or improve the quality of life of the people.

2) Unlimited audience

The previous paragraph was about the numbers of social media: behind those numbers there are people focused on read and understand every information they see. These people are an audience. You can interest them and sell them products, propose them services, make them know your art or simply share your ideas.

Obviously, without any limit.

I can sell my phone to a Russian, provide my services to an American, show my paintings to an African and discuss about the last elections with a Japanese.

Amazon sells its products all over the world, communication agencies have clients speaking any language and anyone can comfortably visit the Louvre from their sofa at home.

3) Worldwide collaboration

We cannot be good at everything, not deny it. For the most different historical reasons, each counrty is specialized in something. Thanks to the internet we can access to the specific competencies of each nation, forming modern international teams in which everyone is in charge of what He or She is most competent about to get consistent results. For this, all the services that rely on internet to allow a level of communication that is close to a real meeting, to improve and facilitate the meeting of competencies, from school to businesses, are important.

We at Beentouch have invested many resources in this direction, believing that facilitation of meetings is crucial. A software like ours doesn’t just put two machines in communication, but it makes people meet. Internet allowed us to create Beentouch, to make it capable to provide high quality and to connect each professional from every part of the world today.

Definitely, a country doesn’t live exclusively thanks to the internet, but surely it gets a relevant boost for its growth from it. The distribution of the internet in the world generates a great wealth for the countries that adopt it and for the other countries which it comes in contact. For this and other reasons, the big names of technology are going to approach the markets with low or no connectivity. We are going to talk about this in the next post.

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