3 October 2016 Beentouch

Beentouch and our social commitment with emerging markets

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In this precise moment, approximately 3.5 billion people have access to the internet (look at the real-time stat at this link), it is half of the world population. Almost 70% of them connect from emerging markets (South America, Africa, Asia and so on). These markets have some peculiarities that we want to make a point on before going on: 1) despite the fast expansion, they suffer from huge network problems 2) they follow the Mobile Only Economy, that kind of economic development based exclusively on mobile devices like smartphones; no desktops, no physical keyboards (if you are curious about this kind of economy go to this link).

Let’s find out more:

1) Emerging markets, despite the fast economic development, suffer from huge network problems

By definition, an emerging market is a not yet fully developed market with a high growth potential in response to the right investments. These countries, on account the minimum human rights that are guaranteed and promising growing businesses can be incredibly attractive centre for the world. They have all the required bases to become the leading economies of the future.

Unfortunately, this rapid economic expansion is invisible in the internet network for the country. In fact, most of the countries that are under the definition of emerging market have low-speed connections even today (if you compare them to the ones of the north side of the globe). In some places 5G is already a thing, in other countries 2G is a miracle.

Why fast-developing countries still suffer from connection issues? The answer depends on what we mean for connection issues. Actually, with 2G networks you can access much textual information and apps that require few resources to work. Thanks to this minimum amount of information, a country is able to develop.

2) Emerging markets follow the Mobile Only Economy

As told before, the Mobile Only Economy (you can find a deep analysis of the topic at this link) is an economy in which mobile devices are the center of everything. Emerging markets, due to well-known historical reasons, missed the PC era and they access the internet and all the network-related services via smartphone only.

This means that all the services used there, are subjected to low connection speed (common in all over the world) and low-end power of smartphones (unlike the most advanced countries where there is a large choose of devices, from powerful and expensive ones to economic and mid-range ones). So, in order to use complex programs and applications they need powerful smartphones and high-speed connections.

Many emerging markets do not have either of them.

We just have to deal with the last problem. Among the most various needs of an expanding economy, which are the priorities? This is a hard question to answer. If it had been a council fo ministers, we will bring diverse needs and motivations to the table, each one equally valid and important. But we are not ministers, we are Beentouch. And Beentouch invests on communication.

Among the Human Fundamental Rights (more info at this linkfreedom appears many times. Freedom of expression, thinking, religion and so on. We at Beentouch think that a fundamental freedom is missing. The freedom to communicate. The freedom for everyone to share their thoughts and be able to discuss with anyone in the world. The freedom of communication, however, isn’t easy to obtain for none. Before the telephone was invented, it was simply unthinkable to have all this freedom anytime, like before the invention of the internet and we could continue with many many other examples.

But, today is possible to communicate freely thanks to the technologies we dispose of. Or it is better to say, the technology that many dispose of. Because actually is not possible for all to communicate freely. For many people, it’s not possible to communicate at the top of what technology can offer. The freedom of communication is a right not equally accessible, due to low-speed connections, limited devices and monstrously complex software.

We at Beentouch are moving in this direction. Thanks to a light software with low data consumption capability that is able to perform well even on weak connections and less advanced devices. This way, we allow emerging markets to have access to the freedom of communication. A high-quality communication, equal for all, in every place of the world (Beentouch is going to be internationally available by the end of 2016).

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