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Si celebra oggi la giornata mondiale delle telecomunicazioni e della società delle informazioni

Si celebra oggi la giornata mondiale delle telecomunicazioni e della società delle informazioni.

Si celebra oggi una giornata dedicata al progresso tecnologico e alla riflessione su un tema importante come quello del divario digitale. Istituita il 17 Maggio del 1865, in occasione della stipula della prima Convenzione Telegrafica Internazionale da parte dell’ Unione Internazionale per le Telecomunicazioni, la giornata mondiale delle telecomunicazioni e della società dell’informazione pone l’attenzione su argomenti quali informatica e telecomunicazioni, pilastri su cui è sorretta la cosiddetta società dell’informazione. Leggi di più

Valentine’s Day, celebrate love all over the world!

loving couple

Valentine’s Day around the world

Valentine’s Day is the Lover’s Day, celebrated in almost the whole world, with several and curious habits in different countries… Let’s have a look to the different ways of celebrations!

European and English-speaking countries, the tradition is quite similar.

  • Italy, France and Australia used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts, chocolates and romantic dinners by candlelight, while in Spain the tradition wants men give a bouquet of red roses to his lover;
  • in England is added a tradition that dates back to the fifteenth century. It is said that Charles of Orleans, when was prisoner in the Tower of London, would send letters to his beloved wife, calling her “ma tres doulce Valentinèè “. So today the romantic notes addressed to the beloved, called “Valentine”, have anonymous sender, to make it even sweeter message;
  • in the United States this day celebrates emotional bonds, the festivities involve the whole family and even the children prepare cards and treats to exchange with their classmates, parents and teachers;
  • Finland and Estonia, instead, called February 14 “Day of friends”, which is why they use to celebrate it in company, instead of dinners by candlelight.

The African continent shows us that Valentine’s Day is not always a day to celebrated only with exchanges of gifts or other material goods.

  • in Kenya, for example, it is traditional for women to donate their husband a gourd of palm wine, receiving in exchange a piece of lime cake, then the two lovers drink together from “the Cup of Love“. Also in Kenya, the Samburu compete in special love dances, intended to courtship, ending with the young people who throw their tuft of hair on the face of the beloved, this one, if doesn’t show annoyance, expects to receive as a gift from him a beaded necklace;
  • dance competition are even used in Niger, in the tribe of the Wodaabe, where girls are asked to choose their own partner among all the dancers, that for the occasion will cover their body with necklaces, colorful clothing and hats.

Valentine’s Day traditions is enriched even more with curious details in the countries of the Rising Sun.

  • In Japan, the protagonists are women, who must give handmade chocolates to their lovers, or donate them to co-workers or classmates, as a sign of friendship. Men reciprocate the gift received a month later, on March 14, called “White Day“, and in this case chocolates are to be exclusively white!
  • In South Korea the tradition is the same that in Japan, but with a shade more: on April 14, called “Black Day“, those who did not receive anything either February 14 or March 14, must go in restaurant where he will eat spaghetti with squid ink and he will complain of his misfortunes and of his own solitude;
  • in China, instead, it is the man who brings gifts, flowers and chocolates to women, even if there is an older tradition, “The night of the seven“, which is celebrated in August and in which women show their domestic skills to find husband.

There are also countries in which Valentine’s day is not celebrated for political or religious reasons, or countries where it is moved to another date.

  • in Thailand, for example, everyone meet up to celebrate the Lover’s Day only and exclusively when it is taken the decision to marry;
  • in Brazil, because of the importance assumed by the Carnival, it is celebrated on June 12, the eve of St. Anthony, saint of weddings. The tradition wants that unmarried women bring with them all day the statue of the saint, as an amulet that helps to find soon the future partner.

Celebrate love always, in spite of distances.

With EmotionConnect, you can cancel the distance for a precious moment.

Is there something more beautiful than the feeling of the heartbeat of your loved one?

Beentouch is the app for your high-quality 2G calls

Beentouch is for emerging markets

Beentouch is for emerging markets (2G calls)

Hands up who has never happened to make a trip out of town, in a remote village of the province, or even visit a city in foreign countries and find themselves unable to communicate with anyone distant from us, and not being able to communicate with team without troubles?

You can download it right now and start making high-quality 2G calls, or continue reading this post. Leggi di più

Why the status indicator is a thing of the past

Status innovation

Innovation means getting rid of the things of the past

Let’s get back with memories to 20 years ago. Or maybe you’re younger (like us). Follow us in this journey: 20 years ago, a revolution started. ICQ, the very first instant messaging platform was born.  It allowed users to send and receive messages with more ease than ever.

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Access to communication is a fundamental of Human Rights

Human Rights Day

Today is the Human Rights Day

It was December 10, 1948, when the UN General Assembly approved and declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . In 1950, during the 317th global ONU meeting, the day was established and now, every year, the Human Rights Day spreads the message of equality of the Declarations. It was also formalized by the Resolution 423 (V) that invited all the nations and interested organizations to celebrate this anniversary.

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Beentouch global release extended event

Extended global release

The release event of Beentouch is international

Tomorrow, November 22nd @ 6pm CET we are going to release the whole new version of the Beentouch app. The event, that will go live on Facebook, will happen in three countries all over the world.

Event in Italy, Ghana and Indonesia. Release worldwide.

We’re finally ready. After a development cycle in Italy, during which we gathered precious feedback, Beentouch is now going to be available all over the world!

Are you joining us at the event?

You are invited! It is an important moment for us and for distance communication in the world. Emerging markets still have problems when communicating on distance, due to the old software we know, that aren’t able to provide a good service in that connectivity conditions.

Beentouch is going to give voice to the silent. Don’t miss this moment.


The Italian event is hosted at the TIM #WCAP Accelerator, the startup accelerator that made us grow through the most important phases until this moment. There we will show all the latest news that we have for the world. All the most passionate people of our community will be sitting in the audience.  The event will be also transmitted via live streaming.


Senyo is one of the very first people out of Italy that contributed to the development of Beentouch with precious help. His support and the one of his friends has been very important for our analytical and operational operations for the context of Ghana, one of the main countries in Africa for us. JayJay is a very smart guy from AIESEC Legon, a committee of our international partner AIESEC.

Ambassadors Ghana

Together they’re bringing our event in a very important hub:

University of Ghana, Alex Kwapong Hall.

University of Ghana


Werry and Brian simply set a record: the furthest Beentouch call even before the launch. Catania (Italy) is 11.000 km far from Jakarta!

Ambassadors Indonesia

The word went out, and they are our Ambassadors for the extended release event in Indonesia.

All over the world

We will be so happy to talk with you during the event with our Facebook live. Since then, search the app on the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone, and start to communicate like never before!

Info here:

Why internet is so crucial for the development of a country?

Connected world

Credits for this image go to

Let’s get back to the 60’s with our imagination. We are at the height of the Cold War, and the fear that the conflict could escale is strong. The governments of the world have their eyes pointed at each other, the fear of the worst is concrete. Leggi di più

Beentouch and our social commitment with emerging markets

emerging markets photo

In this precise moment, approximately 3.5 billion people have access to the internet (look at the real-time stat at this link), it is half of the world population. Almost 70% of them connect from emerging markets (South America, Africa, Asia and so on). These markets have some peculiarities that we want to make a point on before going on: 1) despite the fast expansion, they suffer from huge network problems 2) they follow the Mobile Only Economy, that kind of economic development based exclusively on mobile devices like smartphones; no desktops, no physical keyboards (if you are curious about this kind of economy go to this link).

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